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This is a new test post

hello this is a post with a picture.


Picture will be placed above this line.  Note - this time, we will post an already-uploaded picture - we will browse for it.   So - the box below allows you  to do two thinkgs - UPLOAD new pics, and BROWSE for existing pics.  This time, we browsed for an already-uploaded pic.  I chose the pic, and now I have the button to ’sned to editor’ or similar.  But before I press that button, I must place the cursor here in the ‘post’ exactly where I want the  picture to go. here goes …. ok - we’ve SAVEd, but not yet ‘PUBLISHED’ . Before publishing, let’s UPLOAD a new pic, AND paste it in.

 A title for fun

Note - I forgot to position the cursor before inserting. Now I have a problem on my hands.  Best solution for now is to delete and re-add.   Now it’s where it belongs.

Finally, now imagine I want to add another post with that pic.

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1. Stephen said:
Made on 13.11.14 @ 12:26 am

< a href = “”>.< / a >…


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